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The maintenance of natural stone sink

  1. Granite

    For regular cleaning, use a soapy nylon brush to brush on a circular track and rinse thoroughly.
    Regular cleaning will help prevent water stains from hardening.
    To remove stubborn stains, try non-abrasive detergents like dishwashing soap and bleach.
    Be sure to avoid using a strong alkali such as ammonia to dry water and keep chemicals out of the tank.
    If rusting is caused by iron ions in water, cookware, etc., use a cleaner containing oxalic acid.
    Don't use bleach directly on granite.

    2. Marble

    Marble has an elegant sheen.
    It is difficult to maintain the luster of marble because of the porosity of the stone.
    Sealing helps prevent the stone from absorbing liquids, but acidic liquids such as orange juice, lemons, soda, various foods, and common household cleaners can erode the stone.
    For this reason, do not use acid cleaners on marble.
    Wet glass containing a trace acidic liquid can cause stubborn water stains.
    To avoid water stains, rinse and dry the sink after each use.

    3. Limestone

    Limestone is famous for its shells and fossils.
    Some limestone is "soft," so be careful not to scratch or scratch surfaces when using sharp objects.
    Limestone is regularly sealed with a penetrating sealant to prevent staining, especially when in contact with acid.

    4. Soap stone

    Soapstone has a smooth, smooth sheen.
    Soapstone is extremely dense and therefore highly resistant to contamination.
    This stone has the least porosity compared with other stone flume stones.
    Use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild detergent to clean.
    Soapstone gutters should be smeared with mineral oil every other month.

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